Blue lives with Ashley, Kelly & Connie Smart at Rugby Creek in Mouth of Wilson, VA.  They are very close friends to Dr. Covington and the staff here at MMAH & Rescue get monthly visits from Blue.  She gets the best of farm/mountain life and the city of Raleigh as well as enjoying vacations to Kerr Lake with Dr. Covington and all Blue’s 4-legged cousins!  What more could a dog ask for?!?

July 2010 – Blue has learned the art and fun of fetching a frisbee…..out of the lake!  She learned this from her buddy, Licker (3-legged Lab) and now you can’t keep her out of the lake after that frisbee!  She even follows Licker and jumps off the dock for it!  We will be posting more pictures and video links soon so stay posted!