Some Images May Be Desturbing, Please Look with Caution

Dr. Covington and her staff were horrified on Wednesday (7-29-09) when they saw the condition of this 3 month old Great Dane puppy! She suffers from an extreme untreated case of chronic mange. Nearly 75% of her body is infected, her face and legs barring the worst of the disease. Her skin is hot to the touch with fever which sends shivers almost constantly over her body.

After her initial treatments she was offered a special diet and water which she devoured almost immediately! Blue’s skin is raw, covered with sores, seeping fluids and blood. Her face, ears and legs are swollen to twice their normal size. She has been suffering this fate alone, until now! Since coming into the MMAH Rescue Program she is receiving critical treatments to alleviate her pain, begin the healing process and stop the spread of the disease.

Blue is in quarantine currently and it is estimated that she will remain in critical care for 2 weeks. From there it seems she will have 4-8 weeks of rehabilitation and at that time we hope she will be able to begin her normal childhood!

Even through all the pain she shows her loving and sweet disposition. Wagging her tail ever so slightly when approached by the caring staff at Mitchell Mill Animal Hospital & Rescue.


Blue’s rehabilitation will be lengthy and costly. Please take a moment to search your soul and see if you can find that part of her your heart that is calling out to help this innocent puppy! We need funds to help cover the cost of her recovery! Remember your donation is tax deductible and every donation is deeply needed and appreciated whether $25 or $250!  You can make a donation online at Blue’s webpage or mail a donation to MMAH Rescue at 4012 Mitchell Mill Road, Raleigh, NC 27616

The total cost of her rehabilitation is estimated to be around $1200-1500. Won’t you help give this special Blue girl a chance to sparkle and be loved?!


We are pleased to report that so many people felt touched by Blue’s needs that in kindness
our rescue received donations to cover all of Blue’s rehabilitation and treatment to bring her
back to full health!

Blue was spayed, microchipped and adopted!  Please CLICK HERE for current updates!