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Adoption Contract

I understand and agree that upon finalizing my approved application and arriving to take my pet home that this Adoption Contract becomes active and I am bound to the terms of the adoption contract (below) and will be committed to providing a safe and loving home for the pets’ life. I understand that this is a binding contract between myself (the adopter) and Mitchell Mill Animal Hospital Rescue, Inc. Any and all changes must be in writing and agreed upon by both parties.

Care and Terms of Adoption Contract
I agree to:

AGREE To provide adequate food and water, clean and dry shelter, daily exercise and a loving safe environment. AGREE To provide all annual and semi-annual vaccinations, medical check-ups, and emergency care by a Veterinarian, and to be able to provide proof of vaccinations at any given time if needed. AGREE I also agree to have this pet spayed/neutered within 1 month of adoption, if not already done. The Spay/Neuter is included in the adoption fee. AGREE If I do not have the animal spayed/neutered by MMAHR I will not receive a refund/rebate. AGREE If the spay/neuter has not been performed I will have the option of pre-surgical blood work at a cost of $58. This cost is not included in the adoption fee. AGREE Any vaccinations due after date of adoption are the responsibility of adopter, and must be completed by a Veterinarian as scheduled. AGREE I understand that I am assuming all financial responsibility for any illness that becomes apparent after the signing of this contract. I also understand that any illness that has been diagnosed and is being treated at the time of the adoption will be brought to my attention. I will receive instructions and medication, if necessary, for treating my new pet. As of the signing of this contract any new illness becomes my responsibility. I also agree to contact MMAHR of any illness that develops with 2 weeks from the date of adoption AGREE I understand I am responsible for keeping track of and informing myself of my pet’s medical history that has been provided to me. The medical record given to me is a complete history and it is my responsibility to give it to my Vet. MMAHR is not responsible for locating or keeping track of your adopted pets’ medical record. AGREE MMAHR will give any adoptive owner 30 days from the date of adoption to decide if the pet(s) is a good fit for their family. During this time the pet(s) may be returned for a refund or exchanged for another pet(s). After 30 days we will gladly take the pet(s) back, but there will be no refund granted at that time. AGREE Pet(s) must be returned to MMAHR if you are no longer able or willing to care for the pet(s). The pet(s) may not be sold, abandoned, or turned into a shelter. If an animal is not returned to MMAHR the adopter may be responsible for any and all fees associated with getting the animal back. AGREE Any pet(s) adopted from us that is either surrendered to/ or picked up by animal control will not be returned to the adoptee, ownership of the animal reverts back to MMAHR and any fee associated with will be the responsibility of the adopter. AGREE I understand/agree to allow MMAHR to contact me via email with reminders, updates and/or newsletters. MMAHR will not sell nor distribute information to outside sources. AGREE I understand agree to allow Science Diet to contact me via email with offers and specials in which I can opt out of at any time. AGREE My new pet is microchipped! It is the new owners’ responsibility to register the pet online at within 72 hours of adoption. It is also the new owners’ responsibility to keep the pets’ information current and correct. AGREE To keep pet up to date on monthly heartworm prevention and use flea & tick prevention year round, and to have a yearly heartworm test. If a pet becomes heartworm positive after adoption it is the new adopters responsibility to have the animal treated at their expense. AGREE I understand MMAHR cannot guarantee the age, health, temperament, or maximum/minimum weight of any pet. AGREE I understand if I violate this agreement the pet may be seized, and/or the new owner may be held financially responsible for any and all court/shelter or other fees. AGREE I understand the adoption fee must be paid in cash or with a check. MMAHR does not and will not accept credit cards for adoption fees.

Breach of Adoption Contract

I understand that MMAHR reserves the right to stop by my home at any time to make sure I am not in breach of the adoption contract policies (listed above).  I understand that failure to meet any of the above requirements will result in MMAHR reclaiming possession of the animal.  In the event I breach any term/agreement of this adoption contract (above and within), I agree to pay MMAHR the sum of $1,000 (one thousand dollars) as liquidated damages.  This liquidated damage value is agreed to for the purpose of establishing the base value of the pet and does not bar MMAHR from seeking return of the pet by judicial process or other legal means.  In addition, I agree to pay MMAHR reasonable attorney fees and court costs in the even this matter is forwarded to court or to an attorney for enforcement. 

By clicking "submit" you agree to abide to all terms set forth above IF your application is approved by MMAH Rescue and you finalize an adoption.