**Jobe had a full recovery through the efforts of MMAH Rescue and was adopted in a wonderful loving home!

Though a sweet and loyal companion, Jobe, found himself wounded, untreated and alone at the pound.  Johnston Co Animal Shelter noticed he needed immediate attention and arranged to take Jobe to Mitchell Mill Animal Hospital Rescue in Raleigh for treatment and hopefully adoption.

Arriving at MMAH, it was readily apparent that he needed surgery asap!  He greeted the caring staff and volunteers with a peaceful kind eye and a happy but slowly wagging tail.  Jobe has been quietly suffering with a severe wound under his right elbow for some time without treatment.  Three open and gaping wounds lead to a deep crevasse with rotting flesh and bacteria.  Dr. Covington operated on his wound this afternoon and skillfully tried to piece his wound back together and applied a large drain. 

Jobe is a full blooded black lab; he is about 5 years old (HW negative) and has a very sweet easy going disposition.