Handsome “Henderson” found a great active and happy forever life in his new adoptive home!


Dr. Covington and friends were going to Kerr Lake for the Labor Day Weekend.  After arriving and unloading the group of 3-legged and 1-eyed pets, they headed to the store for a few quick forgotten items.  Not a couple miles up the road, there rummaging around on the side of the road was an extremely emaciated dog.  You don’t even have to think twice about what happened next.  The truck pulled over and we got out to see if this poor fella would let us help him.  He looked up with sad, lonely eyes and wagged his tail softly as if to say “hi”.  We scooped him up in our arms and put him into the truck.  Back at the lake house we brought him food/water – even as starved as he was he passed up the food and drank until his heart (and belly) were content.  This sweet Walker Hound is a #1 on the body scale (all bones), he is anemic, infested with worms and suffering from demodectic mange!  Over the weekend he received treatments and will continue to rehabilitate for the next several weeks at Mitchell Mill Animal Hospital in Raleigh.

We need your support to cover his initial treatments and bring this boy back to good health.   Don’t you want to be a part in bringing the spark back in his eyes and the shine to his coat?  Remember we are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Animal Rescue and donations can be tax-deductible!  Please help us bring “Henderson” the life he deserves!  After rehab he will be available for adoption!