**Blue healed and was adopted into a great home and frequently visits MMAH

Blue is a Blue Merle Great Dane!

Blue was brought to the clinic for a skin issue…what we saw was more than just a skin issue, she was owner surrendered.  This 3 month old large breed puppy had severe mange that had been untreated for so long it covered nearly 75% of her body, the worst spots gave her 3rd degree burns, her skin was cracked and oozing.  She would hardly move at all, was shivering from a fever and was in deep pain yet through all this she still tried to wag the tip of her tail and her eyes showed she knew we were trying to help her!

Through many weeks and months of treatments, medications and baths she began the road to recovery and stole the hearts of everyone at MMAH and others around the state and region!

Now, we are proud to report that Blue is very happy and healthy!
Blue is 125 lbs & 32″ tall currently.


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CLICK HERE for initial Intake Pictures (WARNING: Some Images May Be Desturbing!)


July 2010 – Blue has learned the art and fun of fetching a frisbee…..out of the lake!  She learned this from her buddy, Licker (3-legged Lab) and now you can’t keep her out of the lake after that frisbee!  She even follows Licker and jumps off the dock for it!  We will be posting more pictures and video links soon so stay posted!