Mitchell Mill Animal Hospital Rescue (MMAH Rescue) is a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Animal Rescue dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and pet adoption of cats and dogs in all shapes, sizes and colors!  We often help with medically challenged animals in our rescue program; skin conditions, HW positive dogs, orthopedic cases, mange, broken bones etc. 

Care of Animals to be Ready for Pet Adoption

 When an animal is rescued it receives vaccines, de-worming, heartworm prevention, spays/neuters and in some cases with dogs, heartworm treatment.  Some animals have to be treated for mange or other skin problems including ticks and fleas. We also take in orthopedic cases that sometimes need a bone surgery or amputation.  If we take a pregnant mother and or a mom with a young litter; the mom and babies are often with us for 2-4 months receiving care.  For cats and kittens, litter is certainly a large expense and of course food to get them all healthy again.  We keep these rescues until they are adopted, which can lead into years at our clinic for special cases.  As you can tell, all of this adds up very quickly but the end result of pet adoption success stories makes it all worth it! We could not do this without our support system!


Pet Adoptions Onsite

Each year we average 200-300 pet adoptions with rescued animals in loving homes and we are very proud of that number but we still have hundreds more that need attention and homes.

The adoptable pets are housed on site. Mitchell Mill Animal Hospital donates kennel runs for us to house our dogs at the clinic.  They receive loving care from the MMAH staff but NO paychecks are through the Rescue.  We have dedicated yards at the clinic for playtime and added adoptability.  Our cats have free roam of the clinic, and some pets are fostered with staff but come to work every day to be adopted. Our pets are widely advertised and we hope to increase our rescue/adoption numbers every year.


As a non-profit organization we are totally dependent on donations from people who have opened their hearts and finances to help pets in need.  Donations from local clients and individuals is our largest support.  We also host several fund-raisers throughout the year please check our facebook site for new events.  Our largest fundraiser is Aluminum Recycling!

Note from Patrice Covington, DVM

I would like to thank everyone who has supported us by giving your time, supplies, or monetary donations.  I especially thank those of you who have adopted one of my babies.  Animal rescue is my passion, and I am fortunate enough to have great employees that share that passion which makes going to work everyday very rewarding.  I am also very fortunate as a veterinarian to have such wonderful clients who support this clinic and our rescue, so thank you again for your continued support.

Thank You!  Dr. Patrice Covington, Mitchell Mill staff, and all of the pets!!